Town of Rivière-du-Loup


Happiness on the horizon

Summer and winter, day and night, Rivière-du-Loup will introduce you to a panorama of happiness.

Breathtaking scenery

First are the sunsets, considered some of the most spectacular in the world. Who can remain unmoved by the orange sun sinking into the river, dressed in colourful pyjamas, with the mountains of Charlevoix as its pillows? On a terraced site that forms a natural amphitheatre, Rivière-du-Loup offers many broad viewpoints over the St. Lawrence and its majestic realm.

What more can we say? But there is much more! Before the sun sets, there are countless landscapes to be explored. Whether you stroll the sand along the endless riverbank, searching for treasures left by the tide, or choose to refresh your spirit at the Parc des Chutes, where the towering waterfall makes you feel very small, you can experience nature in all its photogenic beauty. Don’t forget to bring your camera! (We promise you’ll have more than enough images to flood the social networks!)

33 meters


20 km

height of Rivière du Loup’s waterfall

number of parks and green spaces

length of developed bicycle trails

Can’t decide between a venture into the forest, meditation on the riverbank or epicurean delights downtown? Why not combine them all in an odyssey on foot or by bicycle? Here, everything is possible.




wolves, as far as we know… (Rivière du Loup means “wolf river.”)

A fascinating heritage

A true open-air museum, Rivière-du-Loup takes pride in its rich history and preserves the many traces like precious jewels. The outstanding architectural heritage of its central district and historic neighbourhoods, with façades that attest to the city’s prosperity in various eras, makes it a model of sound development and creates the only urban landscape of its kind in eastern Québec.

Visit the Fraser Seigniorial Manor, a faithfully restored elegant 19th century mansion, to learn about the founding of the city and its lifestyle in the Victorian era.


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Stimulating city life

For film buffs and blues fans, as well as motocross and ice climbing enthusiasts, there is an endless stream cultural and sports events throughout the year. Some even set up outdoors. Motocross, Cinema, Blues music, Ice climbing, Beer, Snow sculptures , Hockey, High flying... Events for every passion!

In every season, urban activities transform the city centre into a huge stage where everyone becomes a player in a unique performance not soon forgotten.

Hiking up Lafontaine Street toward the public market (if you have the energy), you enter the city’s charming ambiance as you meet enthusiastic merchants eager to introduce you to local products. They are quick to offer generous samples of their smiles, also made locally. We’re sure you’ll take one home with you...